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5 Things keeping me afloat in 2019

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Everyone has a few things that they just cannot do without on a regular basis. Here, I will go over 5 things I probably wouldn’t survive an entire week without!

First on the list we have my favorite mini project bag. I pretty much take at least one project everywhere I go. Even if I don’t plan on being able to work on it, for me it’s better safe than sorry! Currently, I’m keeping the beginnings of my Mount Rainier Sweater by Sewrella. It’s the first sweater I’ve ever attempted so I am always anxious to get a couple rows in! The one I got is pictured below that I got from my second FibreShare partner! Granted, my current project is crochet but as a jack of both trades it’s very appropriate! I found this similar one called Fair Isle Yarn Mini Project Bag on Amazon. It’s great to just shove in your purse for every day instead of lugging around a larger separate bag.

Second, hair styling products! There are various things I use to keep my hair moisturized and looking fresh. Nothing compares to Texture ID’s Styling Creme. As a business owner, working professional, dog mom, and resident procrastinator/ night owl, having one go-to product that does what I need without fail is key to getting other things done throughout the day. I really don’t have time to be constantly fussing with my hair so a classic wash-n-go on my natural hair works well! After washing, conditioning, and detangling, I slather on a good amount on each section (usually I split into fours) and glide through with my Denman Brush. The two together completely detangle and define my very tight curls. A wash-n-go is usually something I do for myself but everyone seems to enjoy my TWA!

BEEEERRR!! Seriously guys, anyone who knows me knows I have a real infatuation with beer! I love all kinds… except IPAs. For some reason I can never seem to get over the “dandelions in my beer” bitter flavors IPAs have. My favorite place in Buffalo to grab a cold one will probably always be Community Beer Works. They used to be within biking distance of my apartment but they have since moved to the lower west side. They still serve the same “Damn good beer” at their new location with the as always friendly and helpful staff. My all time favorite is actually a beer that was only released a couple times. The Banana Split Milkshake was probably one of the most amazing beers they’ve run. Other than that, Amazing Larry is top of my list of their regular beers. Visit them at their new 7th Ave location!

This where I probably should tell you the second most essential thing is coffee. But to me, more importantly is the actual travel mug. I bought a really nice Starbucks travel mug and never turned back. I got the new spring version of the one linked above. It locks tightly closed at the mouth and vacuum seals. Keeping my coffee hot for a long time when I don’t always have the time to drink it. With the tight seal and stainless steel build it withstands drops, being turned upside down and the occasional pup trying to steal the last drops of caffeine at the end of the day. As long as I will need to travel with coffee I will most likely own one of these. You’re probably wondering of all the kinds I could’ve chosen, why Starbucks? If you keep bringing back your reusable containers, they give you 10 cents off every drink you refill it with! Eventually, if drink coffee like me at least, it pays for itself. I also keep one of their basic $2 ones you can buy at the stores as well. I made a cute very basic pattern to go with it! You can check that out here!

And THE MOST important thing holding me together is my Happy Planner. I’ve always had a planner since they just started issuing them to us for free in high school. I kinda used it then, barely used one in college, and spent insane money on fancy brand ones that I never really used. The Happy Planner has some beautiful covers and different configurations for your planning needs. On top of having the monthly and weekly options, they have an insane amount of stickers and personal add-ons to help better organize your world. As a business owner and someone with massive student debt, I need to make sure I’m hitting my financial and business goals. I got the classic happy planner and a couple of their sticker and expansion packs. I love the Project Fill Paper to help me set and keep on top of goals. I have been using them to set 2 larger goals each month. They’re two-sided so they should last me a while. I have also been using the Productivity and Get Paid sticker packs to help get organized and make planning more fun, colorful and engaging. I am a very visual person and having something fun to engage with and make me actually look at and use my planner is very important.

I hope some of the items I have listed here may also inspire you to explore ways to keep enjoying every day to things you hold near and dear. What are ways or items you use on a daily basis? Check my social media pages to see other things I incorporate into my daily life.

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