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A Word on Overnights

Hey all!

So I’ve just switched from my regular day job to a mostly overnight schedule and let me tell you it’s not all bad!! I’ve taken up one good habit since the schedule change two weeks ago. To get some exercise, I’ve taken up running a mile with one of my pups right when I get home. It sounds crazy to work an 8-12 hour overnight shift and then go run, but it’s actually a great time since I’ve been bringing a dog with me on this adventure. It’s not to warm out (yet, usually), and not too many people to run into. Udaz, Saoirse and I have been getting more exercise than we’re used to which is great and I can get that last bit of energy out before hitting the hay. I can usually get a few hours of sleep in before getting the pups out again and either knitting and watching some tv, getting some errands done or simply going back to sleep. I’m a night owl so technically “starting” my day around noon is great! If I get out to do something mid day I generally get a nap in between that and my next overnight if I have one. I find it much easier to do things for the business during the day than after a full day of work. My days have gotten so much more productive now that I can work when the sun is out and not focus on fitting a lot in to such a short time.

Even though the downside to the overnight schedule is not being readily available during times when my friends usually are, I can cope with it more easily than I would’ve thought! Doctors appointments and such are much more easily scheduled and any sort of appointments I need to make for my business don’t have to wait weeks until I can find a good day to take off. My job at the clinic has also always been a happy one. I’ve left a couple of times now and seem to always fall back on it. I always have enjoyed my coworkers and the environment here. Obviously with any job there are some negatives, but I like that usually if I leave work I don’t have to worry about them or the problems are so small that they can be easily forgotten by the end of the shift. I took quite the pay cut to come back but I love this place! I can still support myself so I figured I might as well be happy at a job that I was working to support this shop.

Mental health has been a big topic these days in the media. People my age (20 somethings) are more stressed out than ever. We’re not getting paid living wages while spending way too much on living costs and student debt. I’m not well to do by any means but it does help that at least when I am at work I enjoy what I do. At my other job I had great day time hours so I could still see my friends on evenings and weekends. I pretty much lost most of my social life to the nights and weekends schedule, but I don’t mind it as much because I can still get little stuff done like send emails or write and entire blog post, haha. As someone who went to school for one thing and came out doing something completely different, I urge you to really think about what you want and value most in life. Simply enjoying what you do while on the clock can really change your whole attitude on your day-to-day happenings.

Have you recently changed schedules or jobs?

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