Romantic Places to Visit in Buffalo

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Buffalo, NY. My hometown and best city in the East! As a Buffalo native and very adventurous mind, I have taken it upon myself to visit as many places in Buffalo as humanly possible. It’s officially February, so I have rounded up some of the more romantic spots I’ve visited in Buffalo. If you’ve visited some awesome places, please leave a comment below for myself and readers to check out!

Hotel Henry

A little over a year ago, I was going heavy on the Instagram contests. I entered to win a free night at Hotel Henry and $75 credit at their gorgeous restaurant, 100 Acres, AND WON!! For those of you who are not familiar, Hotel Henry was remodeled inside of the old Richardson Olmsted Campus. This was an institution built around the idea that mental illness can be better managed in a comfortable, quiet, and safe environment, to better help patients regain a sense of purpose.
After a long and successful day at Buffalo Women’s Gifts craft show, I packed a bag and headed over to meet bae to celebrate! The entire space including all of common spaces, bar and restaurant were gorgeous!

We stayed in an awesome King Suite and had dinner at 100 Acres. We were able to bring our own bottle of wine to be corked and enjoyed at the table. I honestly don’t remember most of what I ate, but the haddock I had as an entree and the ice cream desert was AH-MAZING! 10/10 would recommend for Valentine’s Day. I would definitely make sure to make reservations; we had a free breakfast credit but couldn’t go because it was all booked up!

Left Bank

The Left Bank is a cozy little restaurant on the West Side of Buffalo. Featuring French fair and great wines, it’s a great place to take your partner for a quiet dinner or brunch with a few friends. From experience, I would definitely recommend making reservations as early as possible. It is a smaller space and Mother’s Day last year was booked more than a week in advance! Meals can be enjoyed inside or out on the patio in the summer. The space is just so cute and moody, which is great for deep, long conversations with the people you care about most. One great perk about this restaurant, is that even though it’s in the middle of the city, they do have a small parking lot and other parking can usually be found within a block of their front steps. It’s about that time guys so definitely make your reservations for Valentine’s day!

Delaware Park

Delaware Park has been a place I frequent ever since I was a kid. No matter what time of year, someone is always out enjoying this gorgeous Olmsted Park. There is an area for everyone here! There is a huge loop for runner, bikers, and the like. Off of this area there is a small juice bar called Ashker’s and easy access to the Buffalo Zoo! Every year, they host the J.P Morgan Corporate Challenge in this section of the park and myself and coworkers at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic enjoy each other’s company and great food after a rewarding run!

On the other side is Hoyt Lake. A an amazing oasis in the middle of the city with beautiful willow trees great for picnicking under. In the summer, there are rowboats made by local students through The Buffalo Maritime Center. I still regret not taking any photos when my boyfriend and I picnicked this summer. I was way too busy enjoying the moment! There are some walking trails around the outskirts as well for you and your pups! A new restaurant called The Terrace has just opened on one side and don’t forget to enjoy Shakespeare in the Park this summer as well! It’s always a great time outside with your family. Delaware Park is part of a group of parks under the Olmsted Parks Conservancy. Visit them to see what other amazing green space is available in Buffalo!

I’m always looking for new places to hang out! Not to mention, places I wouldn’t be judged for whipping out a pair of needles! If you visit any of these places or have any suggestions, drop them in the comments!

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