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Simple Cozy Cup Pattern

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As an on-the-go kind of gal. I do a lot of eating at work, in my car and at the shop. Some Pyrex Tupperware and my stainless steel coffee mug are two very important things for eating on the go! Read more about my fancy Starbucks mug here!

Being on the go also means I don’t always have the time to do the basics like prepare lunch and coffee. I find myself needing to grab coffee on the run at least once per week. The little paper covers are great, but really aren’t that sustainable. You only use them once and it’s another thing that will end up in the landfills or recycling. I try to reduce and reuse as often as possible and creating this cozy pattern is one way to work towards reducing my personal footprint. These also make awesome small gifts and small items for you makers out there looking for a quick and easy item for your craft fairs. Click here to get the ad free version of this pattern!

It took me a bit longer to release this pattern than planned especially with how simple it is. But it is my first pattern and I learned a lot of editing and things I need to make sure the pattern can actually be used.

The Pattern

This pattern is super simple! It has plenty of photos and only two steps! Making the foundation chain, then the length of the cozy. You only need to learn one stitch to complete this! It’s great if you’re just learning to crochet or want to use it as a means to practice color work like with the color-block on above! Tag me on Instagram so I can see what fun creations and colors you all come up with!

The Fit

This pattern fits your standard 16oz travel cup. I use it for the regular paper cups and the reusable $2 plastic ones Starbucks sells. If the pattern is too tall for your cup or too small for your actual hand, you can add and subtract rows as needed. if it seems to be to wide or too narrow you may also change the number of chains you originally cast on to fit your own cup.


  • Worsted weight yarn. I used Impeccable, by Loops & Threads, but check the shop for some worsted weight yarn that would be perfect for your project!
  • A size I (5.5mm) hook.
  • Scissors


  • ch- chain
  • sc- single crochet
  • YO- yarn over
  • sl st- slip stitch

The Pattern

To start, you will need to chain 25. To chain, make a slip knot and place it on your hook. Then, yarn over and pull the yarn through the loop on your hook and end with only one loop on the hook.

Yarn over
Pull through to end with one loop on the hook.

Once you have completed the chains, join the ends with a slip stitch and make sure not to twist!

Slide the hook into the first chain you created.
Yarn over and pull through both loops.

Row 1-13 Ch 1. SC into each stitch around. Sl st into the first sc to join round.

To single crochet, slide hook into top of the chain or top of the single crochet of the previous round.
YO, draw through the ch/sc so you have two loops on your hook.
YO again and draw through both loops on the hook so you end up with only one loop.
Continue to sc all the way around until you come to the last stitch. Join the ends, and repeat pattern 12 more times.

To Finish…

When you’ve done 13 rows, or adjusted to your desired length, cut the yarn, pull through the loop that was on your hook and pull tight. Weave in ends and enjoy!

As always, share your finished products! I’d love to see them! If you make and sell these, please give credit and link back to me! If you have any questions about the pattern, contact me anytime for assistance!

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